Monday, August 24, 2009

William And His Friends

We celebrated our fifth Family Appreciation Day on Sunday and the Lord Blessed. Many gave their hearts to the Lord and we all enjoyed the picture taking afterwards. Here is a photo of William (our son) with his friends. Keep us in your prayers as November 1st we will have our first graduation of our Bible Seminary here in Angeles, and November 2nd starts the Asian conference here. Lots to prepare for and to look forward to!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bajau People

I first learned of the Bajau people from an Anthropology class taught by Sis. Kekel in bible college and probably never thought I would get a chance to share Jesus with them but...

Two Sundays ago, a group of Bajaus were invited out to the church and came to the evening service. The Bajaus are from the southern Philippines and are not native to our island of Luzon. They have moved here to escape from the warlike situation in Basilan with the Abu Sayaf and some of the other Muslim groups there. They survive here by begging on the streets. Because they are from a Muslim area, I at first thought they were Muslims, but they are animists. We visited the people who had attended after the first week and met the chief of their little group. His name is Jaime and I invited him to come to the next Sunday's services. He agreed, and as we talked a little longer, I asked if he knew who Jesus Christ was. He said he did not, I was a little surprised, again thinking they were Muslims, and would at least have heard of Jesus as a prophet, but he had no knowledge of him at all.

Sunday night he attended and came to the altar and with tears in his eyes, received Christ as his savior. What a Joy!