Thursday, August 10, 2006

Language Love Affairs

I have shared with you before how I have faced off with some fierce friends pointing their fingers at me and speaking in what was to me an unintelligible language, only to find out they were complimenting me, and then again how I was inviting their family in a less then flattering way. Well the more I learn, the more I look back and realize I made some serious mistakes. As I was praying today, endeavoring to pray in Tagalog, I thought of how Rev. Gaudario and I once visited a lady, she was experiencing some serious family problems and was in tears, I wanted to comfort her and so in Tagalog, I said to her "God loves you." Only problem is, now that I know a little better, I realized what I really said to her was "God, I love you!"

Honey, (Sis. Devonshire) I know you will read this, but you are the only lady I love that way!!


Anonymous said...

Reminded me of when we first had gone and I was trying to wuickly apply the words learned. Leaving the jeepney that we had hired, I wanted to thank the driver whose name is Ondoy. I said, "Salamat kaayo, Onggoy;" problem is, I really said, "Thank you very much Monkey." I was so embarrassed, and the students with us were very tickled! Fortunately, the older gentleman realized it was simply a faux paux!

Sis. R..

Anonymous said...

When we were in the P.I.,Sister Smart was our house girl. Well, she made some awesome noodle contraption that I "thought" I knew the name of. So I asked her one day to make some more of that "samput-tan". Come to find out "samput" is the word for your backside! What I really wanted was, "sa-tong-hun"(sp?). Boy did they have a good laugh at me! As a matter of fact, she still laughs about it. Thanks Virgie!