Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crust Toothpaste

I have shared some observations
and some things that we had to adapt too, please don't think that I am
complaining or unhappy. I am having a blast.

Just a few lines to share some funny things and interesting experiences.

We went to the market today to invite some people to church. The market
is teeming with people and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves getting to
invite so many to the house of God. As we were walking by vendors would
hawk their goods to us which at this time, didn’t must interest us, til my
wife’s feet started hurting and in a flash we were able to buy some flat
shoes for about $1.60. This is of course the home of fake name brands.
Rolex watches for $3.00 and name brands of whatever you want very cheap.
I looked down and noticed they were selling some toothpaste, the colors
were familiar and the design was too and as I looked closer, it was a
knock-off of Crest toothpaste. But they didn’t choose the best
name…CRUST! I still chuckle as I think about it….I hope they don’t start
making floss, it may end up being called FLUSH!


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That's too funny!

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That's too funny!