Saturday, June 10, 2006

Homespun Remedies...and Where We Came From...

(From 12/2/05)

A couple of funny things happened recently. After Rev. Gaudario had his kidney stone episode, all of the mothers came out of the closets to offer home spun remedies. We were at one house and they gave him some medicine, they were speaking a mix of English and Tagalog and so I was trying to listen to understand. I thought the lady said something about Hairballs, what is this? she is way off, that is not what he has, what is she trying to give him? I had to speak up to make sure, would she give him some deworming stuff too?….I said quizzically “Hairballs?” she said no “Herbal!” Oh….

We were soulwinning in a new Barrangay and of course, as always, we as Americans, stick out like a sore thumb. We spotted a set of triplet girls about three or four years old. They were very cute, all smiles and a bundle of energy. It was an excuse to invite the mom to church, so as we were doing so, Rev. G. heard them talking as they were pointing at my wife and I, “Look they came out of the television!” the other one corrected her and said “No, that’s not it, they came out of the airplane.”


Hannatu said...

I've heard that kidney stones are pretty painful. Thankfully I never had them. Shingles are pretty painful, though. I said they were worse than having a baby because the pain is unrelenting and goes on for days and there is no cute little reward at the end of it all!

Anonymous said...

I was told to put urine in your ear to cure an ear ache yikes!!I sure didn't follow that advice! :>(

David and Christine Devonshire said...

"The remedy is worse than the disease!" Francis Bacon


Yes hannatu, but you don't have to pay college tuition for shingles either! :-)