Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dangerous Haircut

Haircuts in the Philippines can be hazardous to your self esteem. I decided recently to get a flat top haircut. Seemed like a good idea, I remember my pastor saying he had worn one while he was in the Philippines, plus your hair won’t get messed up when you wear a motorcycle helmet…So I sat down in the barber’s chair and he began, he started with the sides and the back and was literally half way through, my mop of hair on top hanging over the close cut sides….when there was a brown out! No Power! The barber got a real kick out of this. He was laughing and sharing that he would just have to give me a hat and I would have to come back tomorrow. Brown-outs are not uncommon, usually at least once a week we lose power for about an hour or so, sometimes more frequently. I sat in the chair unmovable, I wasn’t going to leave, not like that! Thank the Lord the power kicked on after about 30 minutes and he finished up the haircut, but not before offering to exchange noses with me…(strange but true).


Anonymous said...

Greetings Brother and Sister Devonshire,
Howdy from the USA.
Brother your discriptive writing is incredible! I think if someone reads your letters and they have never been to the P. I. they will get a perfect visual of sights, smells, and sounds! I have been enjoying reading your letters as it takes me back 23 yrs. ago. I have literally been laughing my head off at some of the things you have written about. You give quite an accurate discription.
Bless you folks as you labor for Christ. Love and Prayers!
Sis. DiFrancesco

Dave said...

Thank you maam. I still remember the bibs you gave (in faith at the time) to us as we left. They will soon be put to use! I imagine that the Philippines hasn't changed too much in the 23 years since you have been there. Thank you especially for the prayers.
Bro. Devonshire

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your son! It's good to hear you are doing well. We're moving back to where we first met. Buying a house this time. God bless you and your family.
Tico Nieto

David and Christine Devonshire said...

Thanks. Will you be moving there to stay? How many children are in the family now? Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Don't know yet. We'll see what the Lord has in store for us. For now, 4 years for sure and we have 4 children. You got to meet our oldest, now 16 and a Junior. Our next two are girls, 14 and 9, and then our son, 6.

David and Christine Devonshire said...

Wow! You have been busy expanding your family! There is a wonderful pastor there and the church has really grown last I heard. Hope you go and check it out, they may need a bass player and may want to taste some brisket!

T. Jeter said...

When Sister D. said "discriptive writing" I thought that is exactly the word for it. I remember how in Alaska you always painted the pictures like we were right there.