Saturday, December 26, 2015

Open it!

Joy! His face may be a little blurred because of the movement, but there is no mistaking his expression; JOY! The truth is, we were probably more excited than he was. We hadn't planned on getting him this gift, but when it went on sale, we did it. We were so excited to give it to him, that I told him he could open it now (about 2 weeks before Christmas) or if he wanted, he could wait till Christmas. I thought for sure he would jump at the opportunity to open it without delay, but he didn't. He thought and delayed and instead of quickly agreeing, had to be encouraged to go ahead and receive it now, and this picture is the result.
It made me think about how excited God is to give us His best gifts, and we, like my son, sometimes hesitate in receiving them immediately.
God is saying "I have forgiveness for you! I have deliverance! I have eternal life! Go it! OPEN IT!"
And when we do...JOY!
Does the day after Christmas find you disappointed, a little down because the hype of the holiday didn't deliver as expected?
God is saying..."I have something for you...OPEN IT!"