Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pregnant in the Philippines and Dangerous Cultural Beliefs

What is the difference between a 9 month pregnant lady and a model? Nothing....if the husband knows what is good for him! My wife has been experiencing some difficult days in her pregnancy and so one of the church members gave me some advice for her:

1. Don’t drink cold water
2. Don't eat anything salty

Well, today was the day to see the doctor and so we had to ask about this out of curiosity more than anything. The Doc. told us it was a common belief among the Filipinos that a pregnant woman should stay away from cold water, but it was really only a superstition. Interesting....Now the dangerous one...There is another superstition that says you can identify the gender of the child by the beauty of the mother. If the mother looks more beautiful during the pregnancy it is going to be a girl, and if she looks ugly, then it will be a boy. I can only imagine that the fellow that came up with this idea, was single, or divorced shortly afterwards. Honey, do you think it will be a boy or a girl??? Well...ah...You think it is going to be a boy! Don't you? (wife begins crying) "You think I am ugly!!" Well we do know it is going to be a boy, but my wife is still beautiful (really) and I do know what is good for me.....


twocans said...

:) How about a current pic of the expecting mommy!

Sis. R.

Anonymous said...

LOL, no Sister Devonshire is NOT ugly, so there goes that theory! Hmm, how about the one I heard about not eating hot peppers during pregnancy because the baby comes out PURPLE! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the baby! A slide show of boy-wonder, yeah! SM/Nashville, TN

Anonymous said...

Hi sis this is from sister Jamie andrus and her 5 kids in Junction city ks we love and you r not ugly u r pretty.

sister Jamie andrus
and children (jess,laurie,jenny,jerry,
p.s write to us see you at confrence