Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Road To Bethlehem: What His Coming Means To Us

The song calls it the “Most wonderful time of the year…” it may also be the most stressful!  The anticipation leading up to Christmas, the excitement, the preparation, the shopping and cooking and then Christmas morning comes…and goes, and we are left with torn wrapping paper, empty boxes and broken toys.  There must be something more!  The angels announced His arrival saying they brought “Good tidings of great joy!” (Luke 2:10)  Auntie’s pie and a new sweater from grandma might be good, but they don’t add up to “Great Joy!”  Join us Sundays in December at 11am for a sermon series titled “The Road To Bethlehem: What His Coming Means To Us!” and let’s find out why His coming means “Great Joy!” to us, and when you come, go ahead and wear the new sweater from Grandma!

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