Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Danger Of Delay

The Danger Of Delay
A German farmer settled in Guatemala and became very prosperous. After a while he decided he would go back to visit his family in Germany. So he saved his money and got on a ship.
After a few days at sea he noticed he had an infection in his toe and realized that a small tropical flea was under the nail and had laid its eggs. This caused him terrible itching and inflammation. The cure was to take a needle and bore through the nail and remove it.
The German farmer decided to do that. So he got a needle and sat down. Then he thought, “My uncle and his family in Hamburg have never seen one of these tropical flees.” So he decided to leave it under the nail and after he had shown them he would remove it.
By the time he reached Hamburg his toe was swollen and his foot was hurting terribly. He showed it to his Uncle Otto who looked and said, “Aw, the whole family would like to see this.” So he left it in until all the family could see it. But the difficulty was that the infection got out of control and got into the blood and he died of sepsis. (Adapted from The Tale of the Tardy Oxcart, Charles Swindoll, p. 471)
-If you want to commit spiritual suicide, that might even lead to physical death, let something smolder in your heart and in your mind. Nurse it. Coddle it. Reason with it. Justify it. . . . but most of all look for a convenient season to deal with it. . . .
(from a sermon by Phillip Harrelson)

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