Monday, July 28, 2014

A Boy At The Candy Store...

There was a little boy in a candy story that was staring at the candy.  The owner noticed him and looked at his clothes and realized he was poor and had compassion on him and told him:
"Go ahead and reach your hand in the candy jar and get as much candy as your hand can hold.:"
The boy just kept on staring.
The owner, said "Didn't you hear me?  Go ahead, reach in and get as much candy as your hand can hold and I won't charge you for it."
The boy kept on staring.
Finally, a little exasperated, the owner stuck his hand down in the candy jar and pulled out a great big handful of candy and said "Here!"
The little boy smiled and held out his two cupped hands together and said "Your hand is bigger than mine!"

That is what happened with us!  God reached in with His hand and bestowed upon us riches of grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

His hand is bigger than ours!

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