Friday, March 13, 2009

Dangerous in the Philippines

It is dangerous in the Philippines...

Within a short span of time, I have encountered 4 different dangerous situations regarding church members and their families:

1. A young man has a motorcycle accident, the other person involved died. It was in front of a large famous (non-Christian) church known for their solidarity. The victim was a part of this church. They take the victim to the hospital, and then beat the young man. He could have died. He must pass this way daily to and from work, and the hunger for vengeance has at times caused the police to release a guilty party, knowing the family of the victim will track them down and kill them. There is no literal “City of refuge”, no safe place to go.

2. A young man coming back from a late evening was stabbed, this is the second time he has been stabbed. The last time he almost lost his hearing since the knife passed into his skull near his ear. He is recovering in the hospital, the blood draining from his lungs.

3. Another young man walking down the street, when a stabbing takes place across the street, the group involved flees in his direction, and those pursuing mistake him as the culprit and beat him.

4. An older man who works in the local barrangay (town office) goes to the federal government to protest a land seizure in his area. Shortly after that, armed goons arrive and there are threats made on his life. The owner of the land didn't like the fact he was fighting for the occupants. He hasn't slept at home for a long time now, and tries to move from place to place, not staying in one place for more than an hour or two. Is his fear justified? Another barrangay leader was shot to death just the week before. I asked, do you have anything to protect yourself? He said “If I carry weapons, God can't be my protection. The other man that was killed, carried a gun and had two body guards, but they killed him before he could draw his weapon!”

God alone can keep us safe. We do have a “City of refuge” to flee from our enemies. In Christ.

Keep us and the church members and their families in your prayers.

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twocans1 said...

Yes, we do know and understand. Our prayers are with you all!