Thursday, March 05, 2009

Doing our Part

I read a post here about how God was blessing a pioneer work and it made me think about how many times we have spent time inviting the multitudes but only that one came, but that one brought multitudes.

I can not give everything and meet every need, but I can do my part and maybe that will help inspire someone else to do theirs, or I can point them to the God that can meet every need!

I can not do all the praying, but I can do my part and maybe others will jump in and help.

I heard recently about how one church had a group that prayed through the night, each volunteer offering to pray one hour, and the next one taking over for an hour, until the morning time and that way their was someone praying all night for the services Sunday morning. I thought it was a good idea and started doing it here and was pleasantly surprised how the brothers and sisters began to realize their responsibility in prayer, and we sensed the difference on Sunday mornings.

Thank God for the privilege to do our part!
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Hannatu said...

I'm glad your blog is back up! Little William is looking like quite the little man now. Kids sure do grow up fast. Our son is doing well. He's in his 2nd year at a Christian college. We get to see him in May for the first time in almost two years!