Monday, May 03, 2010

To Whom Belongest Thou?

The Amalekites had invaded Ziklag.  The families of David and his soldiers had been taken captive.  David and his army were pursuing them and came across a young man.  David asks the question "To whom belongest thou?"  The young man answered that he was an Egyptian and was a servant to one of the Amalekites, but had gotten sick and they had left him behind. There are thousands of soldiers and servants, what is just one?  He is sick now, he can't help us, just leave him behind.

Sounds just like the world and the devil's crowd!

When you get to the place that you are no good to them they leave you behind.  When the lights are bright and the music is playing, when the glow of youth is on your cheek, and your wallet is full then everything is fine.  But when you can't offer them anything, when you have a problem, when you are sick, or become a burden to them, then they leave you behind. They will forsake you.  Sooner or later, the devil and his crowd will forsake their weak.  They have no compassion, no mercy, no time for a wounded one. Their question is always "What have you done for me recently?"

Jesus and His people are always seeking the wounded, the sick, the forgotten, so that He may restore them.  Revive them.  Reconcile them.  There are no throw aways with God.

"The Lord doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel. He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds."—Ps. 147:2,3.

Clyde Box shared: During the Vietnam War, a certain nurse was the subject of much discussion. After a battle she would wander away from the medical camp onto the battlefield itself. Sometimes she would personally drag in a soldier who was in desperate need of medical attention. More than once she was reprimanded by the doctors. They told her she had no business on the battlefield. Not only that, she brought in Viet Cong soldiers along with the Americans. One day after a big battle an officer saw her on the battlefield amid all the suffering and dying and death. He began to rebuke her: "What are you doing on that battlefield?" She said without hesitation, "I’m looking for the wounded. That’s what I am here for."

And that is what we are here for...

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