Thursday, September 14, 2006

Filipino Superstitions

Ok, you really have to be careful what you say or do. The Philippines is a land of many superstitions. Albert told me recently he was visiting a family and told the parent their newborn was cute and then they would not let him leave until he applied some of his saliva on the newborn!

Others include:
1. If you see plastic flying in the air, if you catch it, it will make you strong.
2. If you are sweeping at night, you must say "Excuse me" to the spirits you may be hitting.
3. If lightning strikes a tree, you should climb to the top and get the "Eye of the Lightning" a tooth shaped part of the tree and make a necklace out of it. It will make you strong, when your chicken is to go to the cockfight, dip this eye of the lightning in it's bath water and it will win.
4. Is you step on a "Nuno" (spirit) you will become sick or wounded.
5. If you drop a fork on the ground accidentally you will have a male visitor.
6. If you are pregnant you can not attend a baptism of another baby or your child and the other will become rivals. (One version says you can't be the godmother)
7. Don't sing while cooking or you will become widowed.
8. Don't rest your head on your chin or you are awaiting bad luck to happen.
9. Don't sleep with your feet towards the door or you are waiting to die.

Thank God, that He delivers from the fears and bondage of these superstitions!


Angela Eury said...

There are many superstitions in North Carolina, too. It took some getting used to when I moved here. I'll have to think of some and post them here.

What about home remedies? (Forgive me if you've already posted something about this somewhere else.) Do they have remedies we would find strange?

Here are some local NC remedies, for:

earache - a few drops of warm urine in the ear
bee sting - a dab of moist tobacco (from someone's mouth) eases the pain
sore throat - a tablespoon of kerosene and sugar
bronchitis - rub kerosene on the chest

I've never partaken of said remedies...but not for lack of being offered them!

jgaudario said...

growing up,my grandma would apply vinegar on the windows and doors when we have lightning storms, and she would dab some on me! i guess to protect me and the house from lightning, she applied it with the sign of the cross. she also tells me to cover the mirrors in the house, lightning might strike it, never understood it. the bad part, smelling like vinegar!