Wednesday, September 20, 2006

FW: Forward

Because of me,
The Political process has come to a grinding halt
The safety of America is in jeopardy
The health of mankind is at stake
The financial blessings have halted for millions...all at my doorstep
All of my friends are suffering

Whew! I must be a pretty wicked person! Well this is what all of the emails tell me.
If you don't forward this...The chain of blessing will stop, the evil villains will have their way, multitudes will fall prey to some evil lurking in the shadows.

I confess. I am not a forwarder. I don't forward all of the emails to everyone in my contact book alerting them to a supposed disaster. I know, I am that dangerous individual, where the cause of freedom stops, right in my inbox. "If you care about your friends, forward this to them..." Truth is, I care about my friends and figure they don't need their inbox cluttered with another "Forward this or else!" plea.

It is not that I don't care, I do. Yet I know that most of these warnings are hoaxes, I have not yet been able to determine why someone would want to create a phony cause to campaign for, but I do know to check on things.

Here is a website that you can check to see if this latest warning is real, or is this picture real, or is this health alert real etc. By the way, the picture above, as surreal as it looks, is genuine. (Bitterroot National Forest fire 8/2000)

In the meantime, if it lands in my inbox and if the fate of the free world depends on it being forwarded...we are in a lot of trouble!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, we can all relate to those junk emails I guess! Wow, that picture really caught my eye, I clicked on it to get a closer look. It's beautiful, too bad it's a fire. Enjoying your blog, sir! Sis. McAuliffe

Jim said...

Good post - I agree wholeheartedly. But I afree with the other post - that picture is quite something!

I always wanted to paint a picture like that - it reminds me of how we are protected from being burned up by the holiness of God by the red river of the Blood of Christ.

So where's the picture from?