Monday, October 02, 2006

The Update

The good news is Sis. Devonshire is out of the hospital and was able to attend the services this weekend. The presence of the Lord was precious to us and we are thankful for His grace. William is moving quite a bit, crying (a good sign) but took a small step backwards, his breathing was very fast and he was having mild retractions, so they had to go back to the nasal CPAP (I think it stands for Constant Positive Air Pressure) basically oxygen/air mixture blown into his nostrils. The ups and downs of his recovery can be heart wrenching. We think we are close to him being well, but then there is a delay. God is in control and we trust Him that all will be fine. I enclose a picture of our Super Doctor working on our Super Son. This is Dr. Gregorio M. Leonardo, a neonatalogist and the one overseeing our son's care. He gave our son the Filipino name of Gregorio! He is a really nice guy. He worked in New York and Detroit before returning to the Philippines. Keep up the good work Doc!


Anonymous said...

God Bless you, Rev. & Sis. Devonshire, I've been praying, and will continue to pray for you and William!! I can imagine what you're going through, and we're in your corner!!! Love, Bro. & Sis. McAuliffe

sodagirl65 said...

Bro and Sis Devonshire,

I am praying for you and little William. He is such an adorable little guy! May God continue guiding the doctors in the care of little William.
Bless you all,

Michelle Espinoza

David & Christine Devonshire said...

Thank you for your prayers. We use them all!

Bro. Devonshire