Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Harvesting Buko

Buko is the name for a young coconut. 

If you are from America, and like me, your idea of coconut is the brown fuzzy ball with the milk on the inside, but Buko is the younger version.  While in this young stage, it is harvested, and cut open to drain the Buko juice out, and to scrape slivers of the still soft coconut meat to be added to the drink.  There are many who sell the Buko juice on the sidewalks, or the whole Bukos, like this:

We are blessed to have four coconut trees outside of our church, and an owner that has made a deal with one brother that he can harvest all he wants, just give him half.  Today, was harvest time.  The brother in turn, brought 4 bukos to my house.  I pulled out the bolo, and started hacking away at a smaller one, but to my surprise, it was full of juice and we quickly poured it into a pitcher.  We then turned to the largest one thinking it will fill the rest of the pitcher, but again, to my surprise, when we opened it, it contained only a small amount of juice.  It made me think about people, how often they look so big on the outside, but they have so little on the inside, and those who appear small, have much to offer.

Like the little girl who was buying the cotton candy.  The vendor said: "Are you sure you can eat all of this, you are such a little girl?"  She replied "I'm bigger on the inside, than I am on the outside!"

May it be so in our souls.


twocans said...

I LOVE Buko!!!
On a side note, I really believe that my wielding a bolo was the start of my problems with carpal tunnal! :(

David & Christine Devonshire said...

It is delicious! Thankfully, my "Bolo-wielding" days are few and far between.