Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Rest of the Story

Ok, now that my wife and son are both home, happy and healthy, I can share some of
 the other things that happened during our hospital stay.  I purposed not to until all was well because I didn't want to worry anyone unduly. The hospital was great for Filipino standards.  It is a private hospital, and the Doctors and nurses seemed professional and capable.  The building itself, well that is a little different.  It is a half finished complex, replete with concrete pillars having rebar jutting from them.  The rooms were spacious and had a steel door that one visitor said reminded him of a prison cell. Perhaps there is a locking mechanism to keep you from escaping til you pay your bill!

Now that I have lived in the tropics, I am not as squeamish with the constant presence of bugs, and since we couldn't do too much about it, we shared the room with lots of ants, though they didn't offer to pay their part!  The ICU, also had bugs, and though it is to be a place of life, I confess to murdering the crawling critters.  

The machines they had seemed to be relatively new and  worked great, though when I read the directions written on the side of one machine, and noticed the grammatical errors, I could only hope their technical skills in building the machine, were better than their English skills in writing the directions.

I am extremely happy to announce they have excellent generators!  This I know, because in the midst of my son's ICU stay, there was a Typhoon!!!  The power was knocked out, but almost immediately the generators kicked in!  Hurray!  Kinda scary as the water was blowing in through the windows onto the ICU floor and towels were posted as guards against the incoming flood.

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shnaggy said...

i am sure that equipment...whatever it is is made in china, korea, japan, and/or all other asian countries except the philippines.
god bless you and your family.