Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Friend Roger

I met Roger while I was standing in line at an ATM machine.  He rode up on a bicycle and I 
commentted that it was a nice bike.  We talked and I discovered he is from Washington D.C.
and has been in the Philippines for 7 years.  He is used to, and sometimes frustrated with,
the normal operating procedures here in the Philippines.  We went to visit him at his house,
and while we were waiting he drove up on his motorcycle.  He explained, "Yea,  I was driving
around  and the police pulled me over for not wearing my  helmet, I had to buy them soft drinks." He said it in a resigned way, that is just how it is.  The police have to get their softdrinks somehow!
The corruption and graft is rampant, and in this case, humorous.

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