Tuesday, July 04, 2006

That bugs me

That bugs me…

As I arrived at the church recently, I found that we had several hundred new visitors, Hurray! You say?  Hardly! These  are of the flying, wood eating type: Termites!  Our church building is open to the outside air, no screens or doors to prevent the entrance of the little critters, so in they came!  I quickly loaded a hair spray bottle with bug spray, (mentally reminding myself don’t use this hairspray!) and began spraying the air.  Some of the children began arriving for service and they happily helped by swatting away at the airborne invaders.  It wasn’t long til humans outnumbered termites and service began.  Who needs the Orkin man anyhow???

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'Bugs' Bunny said...

I remember coming to our church one time. we had just moved in it and about a month later, all of the eggs must have hatched! all over the church was these huge flies. i don't know how they grew so fast? it had been a couple of days. maybe since it was so hot? not sure, but there was alot of them and it was 7 pm. so i had 10-15 minutes before people started coming in.

it must have looked funny. as people came in, there was I, with my broom, swatting as many flies as fast as i could.