Thursday, July 27, 2006

Changed Lives

This morning I had one of the most encouraging reports since I have been here. Often times in church, my language skills are not up to deep conversations, so I do not receive all that is happening in someone's life, so when a lady from the church came by to ask us about something, after we discussed her issue, I took the opportunity to talk to her about her soul. I asked if she had repented and accepted Christ.

She began by telling us what her life was like before. She and her husband would constantly fight. He was the thrower (throwing things around the house) and she was the screamer. Then came Jesus....their family is changed! No more fighting like that! She had indeed accepted Christ and had changed. I asked about her husband and she shared about the third or fourth time that they had come, he had broke down and went to the front to pray. After the service, when they were at home, it was time for dinner, in the Kapampangan culture it is normal for the man to be served by the wife, she would also serve the children, but tonight, he was the one calling the family and serving them!

She shared that since that time when they had accepted Christ, there was a day when their child was very sick, and they did not have the money for the doctor, she prayed and the Lord touched the child and healed them.

Truly, hearing first hand how the Lord had changed their family was more exciting than a huge number in church on Sunday!

God is so good!

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