Friday, July 14, 2006

Florita is her name

 Her name is Florita, and like many of the feminine gender, she has been a bit unpredictable.  She, of course, is a typhoon, and has hindered our labors this week with an almost constant rain.  We have escaped the brunt of her damage.  Many, were not so fortunate.  In the Northern part of Luzon there was a widespread damage and many families have had to evacuate.  You can read some more about it here.  We have hunkered down a bit and endeavored to wait it out, but it just kept coming.  So today, at our normal outstation, we went out soulwinning before service, got thoroughly soaked, and had a good time.  There are certain things that you appreciate when you get wet and cold, heat in the car would be one of those things, but my car does not have heat, only air conditioning, and only one setting, cold....usually this is fine, but today would have been a nice day for the heater.  I am very glad that last year about this time, I invested $100 in a hot water heater for the shower.  It heats only the shower water, but today I enjoyed every drop of the warm water.  It made me think while I was showering, same substance, water, the only difference is the temperature.  Cold rain water soaking your clothes is not so nice, but warm water in the shower sure is good.  Then you take it a step more, is it the same in religion?  Some things have the same substance, preaching and reading of the Word of God, but some of the dead religious rituals, that  are cold and have no life, no energy, are disappointing and sometimes downright annoying. Ah, but what joy it is to be where the Word of God is being poured out from hot hearts, and holy hands are being uplifted and there is life and energy and joy!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so funny, Brother Devonshire! Your opening line is great! Okay females are unpredictable, but, hmm, what does that make men? Dull? Boring? You tell me! SM/Nashville TN