Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Filipino Weddings - Part 2

When the day came for my brother to return to the family of his fiance and get married, he had only accumulated 8,000 pesos of the 30,000-40,000 they told him he would need to get married. He had made his mind up to go to bible school, and his family, all devout Catholic, didn't support him in his decision. This meant that he could not count on them for the additional financial help he needed to get married. Often, family members will contribute a pig or a sack of rice to help in that situation, but not for him. He got on the boat and went to the other side. His mind was made up. If they allow me to marry her, I will marry her and we will go together to bible college, if they do not allow me to marry her, I will have to wish her goodbye and I will go to bible school anyway. When he got there and spoke to the father he was very nervous. The brothers began to gather also. He carefully explained, “Look, this is all that I have, 8,000 pesos, what do you want me to do? Rob a bank? If you want to kill me now, go ahead, I am right with God.” This was more than just a joke, he really feared for his life. They were in a remote area and they were none too happy. “What!!! Do you think our sister is a chicken? That you can marry her so cheaply?” The father and brothers gathered together away from where our brother was. Our brother was praying. He told me “I didn't know if they were sharpening their bolos (large machete) or what...” A lot of the requirements, were based on pride. The father was a leader in the community and there is a certain standard to keep up. When the father returned, he allowed them to marry, but in the city. (Saving face in the local community.) They were married and arrived here for bible college shortly thereafter.

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Hannatu said...

Wow! May this young man continue to take such a strong stand for God. We just had a believer take a 2nd wife because his family pushed him into it. We were praying he would take a stand like your friend did, but he gave in.