Friday, July 28, 2006

Filipino Excuses

Our excuses from America are not unique to us. Today as we were on our way to the outstation, one sister, a bible college student, got into the back of the jeepney and we were talking about being ready to preach. I asked her if she was ready and she said that she had gotten up early and worked on an outline all morning, then she went inside to cook, when she came back outside her outline was gone....the dog had eaten it!!! Teacher, the dog ate my homework!!! I told her if you find him praying later on you know it was a good message!


Hannatu said...

I love that one! One day my neighbor came to borrow my flour sifter. Hers was gone because the goat had been chewing on it and then he dropped it in the fire. We said that would be a good homework goat dropped it in the fire.

Dave said...

That would win for originality!