Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekend Work

What a great weekend we had! Saturday night Rev. Gaudario preached a pure gospel message that many responded to. Sunday saw many praying at the altars both morning and evening. In the eve. visitors from Korea and England attended including the Mackert's from Manila and Sis. Faye from England. This morning, Monday, we had a home bible study at a house in Sapang Bato where the patriarch of the clan attended. I am always excitied to see the older gentlemen come and hear the gospel! Again, people prayed for salvation. By the way, this is the house of Joel.
He was not able to attend but his family and neighbors were there. On the way home, we did find out that one of the grandchildren of a family that regularly attends has died. Please keep them in your prayers. (Fher, Beth and the mother of the child Annalynn) This is a picture of the little girl that died. I had just photographed her about a week before and gave her mom the picture. When I went to see them tonight, they had it on the casket.

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