Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rainy Weather

The big "G" has rolled into town and is dousing us presently. "G" is for Glenda, the name of the present typhoon. One lady was talking about how they name the storms alphabetically, ie. Florita, Glenda, Henry, Inday....and she added and why do the storms keep coming until we get to Z? Indeed...

Rain gear here can be humorous. Of course the ever present "Payong" or umbrella, rain jacket and waterproof pants, rubber boots, garbage bags with holes for your head and arms, and towels to cover your head. What if you don't have any rain gear you may ask? Then, as many of the kids today did, you just play in it and get totally soaked. Enjoy! Another girl was standing on the side as we walked by and I saw white foam on her and then realized it was soap, she was bathing (clothes on of course) when the natural showers stopped...without providing her needed rinse cycle!


twocans said...

We had the "privilege" og getting a good soaking more than once! (Back then there was no vehicle) It was all good, a character-builder!! :)

Sis. Ramirez

Dave said...

We are definitely thankful for our vehicle. "Soakings" still take place though! Thanks for the comment.

Lillian said...

Hello to the both of you!

I had to comment on some 'rain gear' that we saw one day on the road that leads to Santo Nino.

It was the Mackert's, Bro Bueno, my husband and myself in the vehicle. There was a lady up ahead and walking in the same direction that we were going. She was quite a distance up and it had just started to rain. She didn't have an umbrella -obviously- We couldn't believe our eyes as we got closer and closer to her... was this really indeed what we were seeing????She had her skirt hiked over her head and was using it as a shield from the rain. Sis Mackert and I were in fits of laughter.

I have to mention that she DID have shorts on underneath. But coming up from behind her, we thought maybe she didn't...and that we were in for the surprise of our life. It was hilarious.