Sunday, July 30, 2006


I read a story recently about a Muslim woman. Raised in strict Islamic practices, she endeavored to live like Mohammed, was faithful in their worship but never seemed to find the peace and the real answers she was looking for. She met a Christian man at her job. His warm smile and inner peace made a real impact on her. She was introduced by a co-worker and through the course of many conversations, she learned that Jesus had come to this earth to willingly die for our sins. It seemed too good to be true. No wonder the Christians had such joy! Their sins are taken away and someone loved them so much to die for them! She prayed to Jesus and asked Him to save her. The problem was, she didn't give up entirely her Muslim ways, nor did she receive the entire peace she was looking for. She began attending a Christian church and after about three months realized she needed to make a complete surrender. Then and there she committed her life to Christ and gave up the Islamic ways, and lo and behold! She found joy and peace that she was looking for.

It reminds me of so many that come every week to church. They have prayed the sinner's prayer, maybe even been baptized, but they are holding on to something that they refuse to give up, and they don't have the joy and peace they are looking for.

The rich young ruler in the bible was in the same situation. He said "I have kept all of the commandments" and I am sure he attended weekly worship, but the very fact he was coming to Jesus showed he was searching for more. Jesus put His finger right on it and said "Sell what you have and give to the poor and come follow me and ye shall have riches in heaven" In other words He said "Surrender!" but we know what happened....the man didn't surrender, and went away sorrowful. Contact with Christ doesn't instantly bring joy and peace, we must do what He tells us and surrender....

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