Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

 Beware if your food is delivered  to you on an old beat up trike...One brother witnessed the trike selling vegetables, fruit and fish, stop at the back of the subdivision.  The man started cleaning some of the fish he was getting ready to sell.  The brother watched as he used the drainage water to rinse the fish.  Now it is not uncommon to see young boys urinating into these open drainage ditches on the side of the roads, some urinals, small booths a man can step into to answer natures call, drain directly into these drainage ditches, they are filthy and often filled with trash....Later the man came to where the brother was and offered to sell him some of that same fish....Ah....No thanks!!!

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Hannatu said...

Oh how disgusting! I saw a guy at the ferry squirting river water (same urinal idea) on the sugar cane. I decided to never buy sugar cane there!