Friday, August 25, 2006

School Daze

School can be hazardous to your health and your class ranking does not at all depend on your studies...well this is what I have learned today.

Bro. Albert and Ai Ai regaled us with stories of their education this morning. You probably wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that some schools don't have classrooms, the children gather under the tree and the teacher teaches them there. But what shocked us was what some of the assignments were:

1. Bring three eggs
Teacher, what for? Never mind, just bring them. All who brought the eggs got marked %80 on that assignment, and the eggs went into a basket and left with the teacher.

2. Who can bring Tuba wine tomorrow?
I can teacher!!! And bring it he did. The teacher was drunk in no time (during school) and did the following dastardly deeds; he saw a child playing with rubber bands and called the child to him, had the child hold the rubber bands in their cupped hand, and then lit them on fire with the admonition "Don't drop them!" The little kid had his hands burnt!!! Secondly, he asked a child where the hammer was, The child teased back saying "The goat ate it!" The drunk teacher was upset that the kid didn't take him seriously, and when he got the hammer, hit the kid in the head with it, drawing blood!

3. If you can bring a goat tomorrow, you will be ranked number one in class!!!

Now I know why I wasn't valedictorian...I never brought eggs, wine or a goat to school!

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