Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Home Delivery

Yes Pizza is home delivered here in the Philippines, but that is not all! On any given day, you can hear the different cries announcing the arrival of breakfast, lunch, dinner or merienda. You may remember some of the sounds I have talked about before, but I haven't yet shared all that is available to be delivered to your doorstep. Recently,I had Taho, a soy custard type dish mixed with some gelatinous balls, the man who peddles taho, pedals his bike around calling "Taho". His contraption looks like this:

Sometimes what they are selling is a mystery. A man carrying two trash cans with lids attached to his bicycle, I had to ask: "Ano iyon?" What is that? He opened up the lid, and there, still warm, was some of the best sweet rolls I have ever had! Only 7 pesos a piece. Delicious! Yes, Mang Marco, missing one leg and wearing a wooden boot contraption to be able to pedal his bike, still comes around selling Balut (fertilized duck eggs). There is ice cream, peanuts, soup, and more!

I still have to watch when it comes to the prices though. I was getting my shoes fixed and the peanut man came up vending garlic peanuts. I asked how much they were. He told me 10 pesos. I asked again, "Are you sure? That sounds expensive! Is that the normal price?" He assured me it was, and I was hungry, so I doled out the dough and was happily munching away, when I notice a kid come up and slip five pesos down next to him and get the same peanuts. I cried out "Hey! You told me 10 pesos, but you are selling to him for 5! Give my friend one also!" He smiled sheepishly and gave one to the brother with me.

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