Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Leaders

 We have so much to be thankful for!  I am especially thankful that God has brought me to an organization that has the leadership that it does.  I have heard horror stories of other groups where the leaders didn't care about the people and were self centered.  I am glad to be able to say, that is certainly not the case with New Testament Christian Churches of America.  I have a pastor that has visited me in every church that I have pastored (10 different churches) and as my wife has said "Every time he comes, good things happen!"  That is true.

My pastor has through all the years that I have known him, shown true Christian love to me and my wife.  Many times when we were struggling he came to help.  Sometimes with wise counsel, sometimes with an offering, always with love.  I know He has a real relationship with God, because God has revealed things to him, that noone else knew about.  

I distinctly remember one night there were some serious problems.  I was outside the church and looked to heaven and prayed. "I need help."  The next day pastor flew into the city.  I didn't call him.  He came to help!  Thank the Lord for Pastor R. W. Davis.

Rev. Olson has also shown me true love through the years.  He has brought me into his home and let me stay with him. He has prayed for me and visited me and shown me the tenderness of Christ.  His counsel has been always on track and I am thankful for him.

I can go on....Rev. Johnson's love and hard work,  Rev. and Sis. Kekel's teaching, preaching and chracter building, Rev. Ashmore, Rev. Jones, Rev. Kinson, Rev. Tieman all have helped and inspired, and I am glad to be in a group that cares!

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord.

As Rush Limbaugh would say, Ditto's!

thank God for brothers and sisters and leaders who care.

the more I read these blogs it just lets me know we are a united team that is growing all around the world to reach the lost.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! Without our leaders my husband would be dead, and I'd no doubt be lost. I'm so thankful for all of their help through the years! This site is a real blessing and I look at it often! God bless you in the Phillipines!!
Sis. McAuliffe

Dave said...

Thanks for the kind comment about the site, but even more important, for letting others know we believe in our leaders.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is : Amen Brother!!!

Bro. and Sis. Gonzales

sodagirl1965 said...

I enjoy this site! These blogs put the readers right in the midst of the work in the PI!

Amen to your words about our leaders! I believe in and support our leaders 100%. They have been examples of real christians! Those that say otherwise, will have to answer to God one day. Let's uphold our leaders up in prayer more than ever!


Anonymous said...

I, too, am thankful for our leaders. They have always been there for us. God reached us through men in this organization, and there's no place we'd rather be than in this family of God.
Bro. TP Jordan

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the men the Lord has raised up to lead New Testament Christian Church.

Pastor Davis is a man who loves the Lord, and serves Him in spirit and in truth.

Over the years, I have been privileged to spend time with Pastor Davis in many different situations and he is a genuine Christian in every aspect of his life.

Thank God for leaders that are worth following.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for our leaders! It always saddens my heart to hear that people have spoken bad about our Pastor and leaders. Truly, Pastor is a great man of God. I have had the opportunity to see Pastor do many things to help men and women through the years that no one else knows about.
He has helped, financially and spiritually. When one speaks ill of him it just lets me know that they do not really know him. I have been with him when no one else is around and he is a Christian then and he is a Christian when he is around a lot of people.
I could speak of many things of how he has been a blessing to me and my wife through the years. Whether the church I pastored was small or large, he came to see us to help and encourage us. In many organizations if the church cannot provide a big offering the leader does not visit. THIS IS NOT TRUE with the leaders of NTCC!!
Our leaders and overseer's care for us and love us and have only one desire and that is to help the preachers and to see men and women reached for the glory of God!
I am thankful for Pastor and Sister Davis.
Also, Rev. and Sister Olson who have shown me nothing but the love and kindness of our Savior. Rev. and Sister Johnson who have always had a special place in my heart. Rev. Johnson is a very humble man. Rev. and Sister Kekel, how can I comment and display my love for them in such a short space. What an inspiration they are!
Rev. and Sister Ashmore, well, what can I say? Just being with them is a blast, and I am challenged continually by his preaching and life. Rev. and Sister DiFrancesco. One thing that I think of him are the words..."Always Faithul." He and his wife are special and I count it a priviledge to call them my friend.
Rev. and Sister Tieman, Rev. and Sister L.D. Jones, and Rev. and Sister Kinson as they labor assisting Rev. Johnson are men and women who love God and carry love in their hearts for Jesus and his work.
All of our leaders work many hours and strive to be a blessing to all of our works. Thank the Lord that they have answered the call and have a laid self down and taken up the call of the cross.
I also want to add that I consider many who are not on the General Board as leaders in our organization. Each and every pastor, minister, preachers wife who have laid down self and answered the call is held high in my estimation. I could list some names but some may be offende if I did not list theirs. Let it suffice to say that there are many that I respect greatly.
I love the leaders of our organization and realize that without NTCC I probably would be in hell. I love the family of God and always look forward to seeing them at conference.
I am going to sign my name, and I know that if one of the fault finders read this, they will just say that.."There he goes again...He is just a org yes man....He is just one of those company men etc..."
Well....I am not a yes man, I am a Christian. As far as being a company man.....YES I AM!!!!
God Bless all of the faithul Brethren.

Bro. Gandy

Rev& Sister Crawford said...

We want to thank our leadership for loving us, praying for us and standing behind us, but mostly for serving God and following Him.
We stand with Rev. Gandy on that we consider other than those who are on the board, our leaders. We are greatful for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and choose to do so in New Testament Christian Churches. THANK YOU!
Rev & Sister Crawford
Cincinnati OHIO

Anonymous said...

Our leaders from Pastor Davis, Rev. Olson, Rev. Johnson, Rev. Kekel, and others have shown me Jesus!!! Their love and preaching and help through the years are a constant inspiration to me (not excluding their wonderful wives). As for those faultfinders, you can't touch these spotless lives. They have shown the reality of God in EVERY way. And I'm so thankful to be a part of such a special and caring group. I have never been amongst a finer group of people than those at NTCC! I love our church!!

Anonymous said...

We also love ALL our leaders and thank God for them. Sister said it perfectly when she sang 'Thank You' for Pastor Davis at the Arizona conference. Where would any of us be had he not begun what God wanted him to do? And all our leaders who help Pastor Davis. This is a wonderful church family to be a part of.
The Fears

Sis Prentice said...

I'm so thankful for our leaders that they are men and women who won't back down and will stand for God and his word! The love that I feel from Pastor and Sister Kekel and Pastor and Sister Davis is overwhelming and I know they care about me and others.

How could anyone deny the love that you feel from them? I was in Alaska for about 8 yrs there at NTCC and we just recently moved to Graham about 1 month ago and just in a short time I have felt so much love and concern from my Pastor and I know I could go to him to talk about anything.

Praise God for those that will be faithful to the end! =)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that I could come to a church where there is love and kindness. This is a place I can truly call home. And if it was not for the leaders of this orginization there would be no churches. So I am thankful for the men of God, for their prayers, and love they have spread all over.