Thursday, August 31, 2006

Red, White and Blue

I liked it and thought you might.


I'm looking for something in Green.
Cameo face paint hides a fighting machine.
Backpacks and jump boots and weapons galore,
We'll need it all if we must go to War.
Forged in the spirit of my Uncle Sam,
It called to me, here I am.

I'm looking for something in Red.
With bold gold stripes that turn people's heads.
A backdrop of khaki, a flash of bright blue,
Yes it's a Marine, and I am one too.
A dedicated nephew of my Uncle Sam,
I answered the call, here I am.

I'm looking for something in White.
With shiny brass buttons, gold wings on dress whites.
A catapult launch and a tailhook stop.
The crews are the best, they'll work till they drop.
The seagoing arm of my Uncle Sam.
I heard the call, here I am.

I'm looking for something in Blue.
I've got to aim high, got a big job to do.
Fighters and bombers and missiles abound.
We fight in the air, protecting our ground.
I fly the birds of my Uncle Sam.
The call was to me, here I am.

I'm looking for Red, White and Blue.
That's my country's flag, is she waving at you?
Soldiers and Sailors, Airmen, Marines.
We're all Uncle Sam's fighting machines.
All will give some, and some will give all.
Here we are, we answered the call.

Gerald Churchill, USAF, Ret


Anonymous said...

Thank God for our military!! God bless them all! God bless America!! I just read Blackhawk Down, about those brave men who layed down their own lives for one another. Our loyal heroes fighting for freedom and the right!! God bless them!! We love you military folks. Thanks for serving, if any of you happen to read this.

David & Christine Devonshire said...

Amen anonymous. God bless them all. I posted this and in the same afternoon I read that two soldiers from Ft. Lewis had died. God bless those who lay down their lives for our freedom.