Friday, August 04, 2006

A Fight, An Adventure, A Damsel

I must admit...I resemble that comment! I read it recently, you know the one that said "Every man is looking for a fight to win, an adventure to explore and a damsel to rescue". Now, I have already rescued my damsel, from the grips of Earthquake burgers and the Mall surveying jobs, but I count this Christian life as a fight, a fight to win, and certainly an adventure.

Even more so in the Philippines. I admit it, I like having to wade across the river to visit some people that came out to church, because there is just no other way to get to their house. It's fun. I like traipsing out to a far away barrio and having to climb the hills and walk through the mud to find the family that came out to church. I love seeing the surprised look on their faces! I love being able to communicate in their language, no, not fluently yet, but what they call "Baroque (spelling?) Tagalog" meaning, caveman. ie..."You go here, Me come" Well I hope it is a little more polished than that, but how they love being spoken to in their language! Perhaps because many of them are so shy, or embarrassed about their English skills. Usually they are very forgiving of my mistakes. That, the language learning, is also an adventure!

The food? Truly an adventure! "What is that?" is a common question when it comes to food here! Yet I have tasted some wonderful things here, and also wondered why more folks didn't die from the unsanitary conditions...How about this picture: Lechon (or Litson) Baboy (roasted pig) seasoned with diesel fumes! I took this picture from my car, so you see these pigs are being roasted on a very busy, smoke filled street. (Click the picture for a larger view)

The storms? Perhaps there is a caveat to this one, I like the storms, when I am on the inside and dry, and they are not interrupting any church activity. Yet even when driving, when my little Mitsubishi Lancer becomes an All-Terrain, flood-fording is an adventure! Now, when the sidecar is not on the motorcycle...after all.... it is a big dirt bike, you almost look for an opportunity to find an impassable situation and tell yourself "I am on a mission from God! I have got to get there!" YEA....hehehe

I love the Philippines!

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Mom said...

You always did like getting messy! Me too! Why do you think Jim calls me "Mud Puddle?" Mom