Monday, August 07, 2006

Meyer About Paul

 F. B. Meyer said the following about the apostle Paul....

  • You must know that this man loved to save men. It was the passion of his life.
  • Send him to Philippi, and he will not be there a day before he has turned the devil out of the poor demoniac girl.
  • Let him be put in jail, and before midnight he will have baptized his jailor.
  • Send him to Athens, and though he is all alone, he will gather a congregation upon Mars' Hill within a week or two.
  • Put him alongside of Aquila and Priscilla at the bench, and he will make tents and talk to them in such good wise that they will become Christians.
  • Stand him before his judge, and the latter will cry: "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian!"
  • Let him go to Rome, tied to a Roman sentry, and he will speak to these men, one after another, in such fashion that the whole Prefer-tan camp will be infused with the love of God.
  • His passion was to save men. I do not believe that if he were alive to-day, he would be in a street car, or a railway car, or on board a steamer without buttonholing some man and speaking to him about his soul and his Savior. The whole passion of the man was to save some....

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