Friday, June 02, 2006

You and Your Crazy Family

Another lesson in the language…I recently learned the importance of correct pronunciation. I have been using a phrase “Isama mo buong familia mo” which roughly means “Bring your entire family!”. I brought one of the church members with me and when we returned, he asked me to say the phrase again, I did, and a couple of the folks started laughing, you see I pronounced the word “buang” and that means crazy in a neighboring dialect, I was supposed to be saying “Buong”, so I was telling them: “You bring your crazy family!” We laughed heartily, and imagined the people thinking: “Wow, how does he know about my family?”

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mymeanderings said...

My husband grew up in Niger as an MK and I have heard stories similar to what you listed above! So funny!

I left a comment on my site and then thought in retrospect that I should have left it here. All this to say that the comment is under the 5-27 date.