Sunday, June 04, 2006

Birthday Ben & College Students

Today was Bro. Ben's Birthday. Believe it or not, this fellow is 41. Filipinos manage to keep their youthful look for longer. He and his wife are attending college along with the other folks in the second picture. For those of you that have been here before, you know Bro. Nol. I have been teasing him about his serious look in all of the pictures. I said "You look like you are getting ready to negotiate with the terrorists!" There is a phrase in Tagalog for a serious face. It translates into English as "A face like Holy Friday". He is our interpreter, and he has a great knowledge of English idioms. He is one of the ones that I can joke with using my American sense of humor. (Nol, Rev. Gaudario, Myself, Bro. Edison, Bro. Albert, seated are Sis. Lilia, and Sis. Haslel (Albert's Wife))

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