Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Should Have Given All!

 An old man was sitting on the side of the road in India.  He grumbled as he looked down at his bowl of rice, it was all he had in the world. He cursed the day he was born.  Why did it have to be this way!  He looked up to see the Raj and his caravan coming down the road.  He cursed the Raj, thinking "He has everything and I have nothing. It's not fair, I wish he would stop and give me something."  Yet the caravan seemed to be going to pass him by.  He cursed the Raj again and grumbled as he looked at his rice.  Suddenly the caravan stopped and the Raj came to where the man was.  He stood before him and said, "Give me of your rice."  The man was incredulous.  He cursed the Raj in his heart and thought "He has all and he wants to take what little I have." So he chose one grain of rice and placed it in the Raj's hand.  The Raj said again, "Give me of you rice" again the man reached in and took one grain of rice and gave it to the Raj.  The Raj closed his hand and mounted his carriage and off he went.  The old man grumbled and cursed the Raj in his heart again.  He continued eating his rice when he noticed something hard.  He looked down and saw a piece of gold the size of a grain of rice.  He searched some more and found one more, he looked again but that was it, then he turned towards heaven and cried "I should have given him all,  I should have given him all!!!!"

I wonder if we won't say something similar when we get to heaven and see how little we have actually given of ourselves to God.

Mat 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

I should have given all,  I should have given all!

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Buster Jowels said...

Hey Rev,
Thanks for sharing this great illustration. When The Father could have cursed us, because of man's offences to Him, and only given us a grain or two, He gave mankind the "whole bowl" when He sent Christ to us. Oh that men would not pass up that "golden" opportunity to know Him.
Buster Jowels.