Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tears in Her Eyes

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese peasant woman who suffered a brain hemorrhage was left at the undertakers alive for cremation because her family could no longer afford hospital treatment, state media said Friday.

She was only saved by the tears in her eyes.

You Guoying, a 47-year-old migrant worker from southwestern Sichuan province, was taken for cremation by her husband and children in Taizhou, eastern Zhejiang province, where she worked, the China Youth Daily said.

Fortunately for You, the undertaker realized she was still alive when he saw her move and tears in her eyes, the newspaper said.

You was taken back to hospital for further treatment with money donated by sympathetic citizens of prosperous Zhejiang, the newspaper said.

"Three days of treatment cost us more than 10,000 yuan," it quoted her daughter as saying, adding that was the sum of the family's life savings.

"If there had been another option, who would have the heart to send a member of their own family for cremation while there was still a hope of survival?"

As I think about this sad tale, a woman left for dead, her family unwilling and unable to pay the price for her recovery, the parallel comes quickly.

How many walk the streets of my city, spiritually left for dead, too much work to help them, the cost, someone elses life poured out in prayer and work, much too high, think some. Others are unable to help them, they only have religion, and not the riches of Christ. And I wonder, Will I see the tears in their eyes? Will I notice, and step up and pay the price? God help me...

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