Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cultural Observations

A few recent cultural observations:
Old ladies who smoke their cigarettes backwards! The burning side is held inside their mouth so as not to lose any of their “precious” smoke. Though I am sure there are others who do this, I have only seen some old ladies doing it. Of course they have to “cup” their mouth to keep from getting burned, so when they speak, they are very hard to understand.
Funny Signs: On a bottled mineral water store “Body Fluids Mineral Water”…..hmmmm….not so thirsty after all.
“U-Nick barber shop.” Now to be fair, the Filipinos pronounce their I’s with a long e sound, so it didn’t take me long to figure out it was supposed to mean “Unique”, but as I pondered, what kind of a barber shop advertises the fact that you will be cut or nicked, or worse, it could be read eunuch barber shop, I definitely won’t be going there.
(1/06) The power went out about 15 minutes before service tonight, and stayed out through most of the service. We scrambled around to light candles and try to situate everyone, but it was a chore. Large congregation was there,(no, not body size :) ) without any fans, no PA till we remembered we had batteries in our little karaoke machine, and many restless kids. It sure makes you appreciate the power when it comes back on.

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