Saturday, June 03, 2006

What a Healing Jesus!

One man recently shared some good news from America with me. There was a revival going on, and a man came in on crutches.  He had hurt himself at work and was taking medication for the injury.  The preacher prayed for him, and God healed him.  The preacher told him to “Walk” and the man did.  The preacher said “You don’t need those crutches!” and he started praising God and he went home without the crutches.  When he got home the man’s wife and kid saw him and said who is that?  They didn’t recognize him because he didn’t have the crutches.  He said it’s me and he started shaking his leg and dancing on his doorstep.  He came back the next night and his wife came that night too and was prayed for.  God is still a healer!

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