Tuesday, June 06, 2006


 "You will survive without food for seven days; without water for three days. If you lose hope, you die today."

I don't know who wrote that, and I am sure the details aren't exact, but spiritually....

If you lose hope, you die today...how true!
I remember one man saying, "Ministers are dealers in hope."
At times, when things looked bad, when someone shined the light in and
said "It doesn't have to be that way!" it made all the difference.
When I know my pastor believes in me, it gives me hope.
When I stumble onto the fact that God believes in me, the lies of the
devil dissipate, and things change.
I have Preached a message before called "The Comeback Kid"
The Prodigal son was a "Comeback Kid"
John Mark was a "Comeback Kid"
Anyone can win when they have a big lead.
But the man or woman that is way behind, and still has the heart to
fight and push and drive forward, and overcomes the deficit...that
person is to be admired.

I remember hearing of Michael Durant being captured by the Somalis, and
U.S. helicopters flew over the city broadcasting over loudspeakers, "Michael
Durant, we have not abandoned you...Michael Durant, this is the United
States, we will bring you home... " and they did. Durant said he could
hear them everyday but one. It gave him hope. Sometimes I think of
those in the POW camp of sin and the devil, and the preacher saying "We
have not abandoned you, this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by the
grace of God, we will bring you home! Don't give up! Don't commit
suicide! Don't surrender to the enemy!"


Robert Hicks (Baltimore Church) said...

Uplfting sir, I forwarded it to my wife's e-mail! God Bless and keep you and your congregation!

Dave said...

Thanks for reading. Good to see you (your name anyhow). Greet them there from us here....
D. Devonshire

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the message. It's a blessing to read, and especially timely for me, since I have been going through some real battles. Thanks for being a light in this dark world! God bless you!