Sunday, June 04, 2006

God at Work!

A couple of things happened that makes me want to write to you.
As I was studying some bible college notes tonight, I got to the place where the teacher was teaching about giving, he said "Anyone can say be warmed and filled, but to open your wallet and take out a $100 and give it to someone in real need is different." Well….there is a man that comes to church and brings his granddaughter. She also attends college with one of the church members (the member runs the college). She is only twenty, and has nasal cancer. She has to ride the bus to Manila daily for radiation treatment and once every three weeks for Chemo. Her uncle has been trying to collect the money for treatments. I don’t think he has ever directly asked me, but told me he was borrowing and trying to get more money. From what I pick up, you don’t get the treatments unless you pay each time. If you are poor, you are out of luck. We had prayed for her, and contemplated giving, I told Rev. Gaudario that we really can’t help everyone, (financially) but that God could. I had the church pray for the girl, I don’t think I even mentioned their need for money, but after reading the $100 comment (earlier in the day) and the day after we prayed, a church member came by with a pizza for us, and $300 offering for the girl. Ironic? No, God at work!


Anonymous said...

Praise God !!!!

Sis. Gonzales

Anonymous said...

Praise God! That is the same Jesus that saved me, and keeps me. Miracles, small and large are a regular part of the Christian Experience. There is no better life than living for Jesus! Thanks for sharing the good report.


Dave said...

God is always so on time!