Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Shouldn't Have, But I Did

I have already told you how that I sometimes struggle with the myriad needs that surround us from day to day. Hungry faces asking for food, sick bodies needing medicine, desperate families trying to educate their children, and I am trying to live and give, as Christ would have me. Yet there are certain times when turning down the request is easier than others.

Friday we were soulwinning before our outstation. We came across some ladies, some probably in their thirties and some maybe in their sixties. I invited them to the service and she immediately asked if there was going to be food there. I have heard this question so many times, that I have a prepared answer. "Walang pagkain para tiyan mo, pero pagkain para kaluluwa mo" No food for your belly, but food for your soul. That usually silences the insincere inquirer. This time one of the ladies, (and I must include this for clarity,) who was fat, began to be very demonstrative, and said, "That is not right, if I am hungry, I can not listen to the word of God!" She was semi-mocking in her tone and actions, and I know I should not have, but I did....I told her "Well, you don't look very hungry." I think the giggles from the other ladies signalled their agreement in my assessment.


Anonymous said...

I believe the term is "gravity enhanced."

jgaudario said...

fat is the correct word. that's just a part of filipino frankness.