Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is He Pregnant?

 (From 11/05...Update, Rev. G. has believed the Lord for a healing) Then, today Rev. Gaudario was very sick. He was in pain during most of the night and shared with me later, "I know someone is going to call..." We had to take him to the hospital. I was rushing him to the emergency room when who called? Pastor! Amazing! No, God at work. Pastor is still in tune. He was calling to ask about conference, but I really know that God had prompted him to call at that specific time, so that he could know our brother was in need and pray for him. Rev. G was diagnosed with a kidney stone, has yet to pass it. He had to get a sonogram, and seems to be feeling better now. Sick in the morning….has to get a sonogram….He’s pregnant! And this delivery will be painful too.

Our experience in the emergency room was startling…for it’s pleasantness. There was no one else there. He was seen and treated quickly. Doctor prescribed the medicine and we were on our way out to get the sonogram. All for about $34. We had to leave the hospital to go somewhere else for the sonogram because their's was broke. That part was typical Philippines.

I have been reading the autobiography of Peter Cartwright. Found it free and downloaded it. Great reading


Goodnews said...

Pain for thought
I have heard the pain from a kidney stone, is the closest pain a man can get to the pain of giving birth :0)

Dave said...

Only with the stones, you can have multiple births and they don't have to be nine months apart!

jgaudario said...

I don't want a fourth "child". Already having trouble naming the third one. so far i have "peter", "flint" and i don't know what to name the third one.But I believe God healed me!!!

Dave said...

I believe God healed you too Rev. Although if you really wanted to name that third "child", may I suggest "Hudson" as in Rock, or perhaps Pebbles from the Flintstones. A "Chip" off the ole block maybe?