Saturday, June 03, 2006

Super Samuel

I have been reading in the book of I Samuel recently and it has been challenging. One man once said that the anointings begin with the head and then flow on to the rest of the body. If the head doesn’t get anointed, neither does the body.

Jesus is the head of the church, but He will never hinder the anointing.

The pastor is the head of the local congregation and if he isn’t right, he can hinder the blessing to the congregation.

The Man is the head of his family, and if he is wrong, his family will miss the anointing.

(I know fellow preachers, we got a one-two punch in that line-up, and the ladies are probably shouting “That’s right! It’s the man’s fault!”)

Each individual is the “head” of their life and their actions hinder the flow of blessing to them.

What does that have to do with Samuel? Well Samuel was the judge, or the earthly head of Israel. When the Philistines came against Israel, Samuel said “I will pray” and as he was making an offering and praying, God thundered against the enemies and defeated them. Then the bible said that all of the days of Samuel the Philistines came no more into the coasts of Israel. Samuel’s relationship with God seemed to protect that nation. When Israel rejected God as their king, and desired an earthly king, Saul was the man. Saul fought in the first battle and also won against the Philistines. He had mustered 330,000 troops to trounce the enemy. Yes Saul, you won, you defeated the enemy, but so did Samuel. Saul, because of 330,000 men won, but Samuel won because of God and prayer!

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