Thursday, June 22, 2006

Record Breaking Sunday / 1000 Sunday

This is the banner for our push "1000 Sunday" I thought I would link it together with a post from our last "Record Breaking Sunday"

(From January 2006)The last couple of weeks have been very exciting for us. On January 8th we had our special record breaking Sunday. We had been working for about two months towards this service and it turned out to be a great success. The greatest aspect for me was to see so many of the church people excited about reaching the goal. We had more soulwinners the Saturday before the big Sunday than we have ever had. We split up and went into several areas and invited people for the following day. When Sunday arrived, 20 jeepneys filled with people came! God blessed in a special way and the record was broken, and our goal was reached.

The following Tuesday, Pastor Davis arrived. We had the privilege of having him here in Luzon for four days before he left to go to Cagayan de Oro where our Asian conference was held. We joined him there on Monday. The conference was a tremendous blessing to us. The teaching was eye opening, and Pastor can still preach like a house on fire! The fellowship was inspiring and there was a lot of good natured harassing, laughter and story telling.


Angela Eury said...

Hello Bro. Devonshire. Just wondering how many you had on your Record Breaking Sunday. 1,000 is a lofty goal! I hope you reached it!

Dave said...

Perhaps this post is not very clear. There are two Sundays involved. Last January 8th, 2006 we had a record breaking Sunday, the attendance was 742. Our goal for this July 23, 2006 is 1000. We are working and praying toward it. Pray with us! Tell Wayne I said hello please.


Dave said...

July 23,2006 1,153
Thank you Jesus