Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Crooked Cross

During the Easter season here, there is a custom called Pabasa. Small areas in every neighborhood are set up with a cross and a bible, a microphone and a P.A. system. Starting on Holy Thursday and continuing non-stop through Holy Friday, people take turns chanting or singing the bible. Even children get involved and are found in front of the bible with the microphone. Communities take special care to decorate this Pabasa area and usually have a banner, and streamers marking out the area. Since I had to drive by two Pabasa places to go to an area where we pick up people for church, I had noticed the large wooden cross that they had erected. It is perhaps 8-10 feet tall, so you really can't miss it. Alas, Easter has come and gone, and today, as I was driving into the area, I saw the Pabasa cross, laid on it's side, crooked against the barbed wire. It looked as if it has been forsaken there. Left to rot. It made me think of how often, in a special time when the world is looking, people hold the cross high, but in daily life, it is often forsaken, laid aside until someone is watching. God help me to take up my cross daily.

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