Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Apo Day

It is Friday evening here. Friday means that it is “Apo Day”, Apo is the name of the street market. Every Friday they close off a street and the city crowds in to buy and sell the goods. We had finished visiting some of the church folks and needed a few things so off to the market we went. The streets were jam-packed with people and jeepneys honking to get through and moving only a few feet at a time among all of the people. Vendors hawking their goods, the myriad smells of food cooking, and the great hodge podge of people make it an exciting experience. Perhaps a little too exciting today…As we moved around one of the slowly creeping jeepneys, I looked down and there was someone selling dinner…maybe even leftovers for breakfast…A Live Python!...in an open box….at foot level…or if you prefer, Python heads, even what looked to be the skeleton of a snake…might make a nice necklace for a punk band in Seattle! I snapped a couple of shots with the built-in camera on my phone, the resolution isn’t the best, but I knew that you would want to see this….Makes you thank God for Mcdonalds!

Speaking of Mcdonald’s, the Mcdonalds here are a little different than any I have seen in America. They sell fried chicken, spaghetti, Philippino sausage (Longanisa) burgers and rice. The serving sizes are small, the prices are too, so no complaints.

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