Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interesting Church

Tuesday found us soulwinning in a town called Balibago. We stopped to invite one older lady sporting a cast on her left arm. I asked her when it would be removed and she pointed to the cast, there I saw scrawled June 14. Smart lady, can't forget that way....
She began to tell us of a church that another foreigner had started right after Mt. Pinatubo, the volcano, had blown. Many people would go there and there was food for all. The preacher only asked that we eat it there and not take it out. She said thousands would come...(soon I found out why) "Every time I would go, I would get 10 pesos. When the bell rang, everyone on the inside would go to the outside and the next crowd would come in, I would go back in, I made 40 pesos a day attending the studies!" She continued...."the preacher said that it was ok to smoke marijuana, they offered it to me, but I didn't want any......WHOA! when she said that, I was shocked. Made me understand how much more they need the truth. More than rice, and 10 pesos per message, they need the truth!

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faye agustin said...

I thank God for you and your wife's labors to spread the Gospel in our country. I will be visiting the Philippines in June and would like to be a blessing to the church.Please let me know your contact numbers and your address!