Saturday, May 20, 2006

Music in the Phillipines...

I may have already shared in one of the previous emails, how that in the supermarkets and malls they have music playing very loudly. You just can’t avoid it. What I have noticed though, is that they have a lot of crazy songs about stupid things. I was forced to listen to a bunch of high pitched girls singing their hearts out about ….. Spaghetti! Not to be outdone, the male gender could be heard in another song, singing lustily about…Chocolate! (Choco…Choco-latay…Choco…Choco-latay) Later, I was in the barber shop and heard what sounded like the same female group singing about….Biscuits! (Which is the word they use for cookies and they pronounce it biskwit!) and then again recently an up-tempo number about….Gasolina!!!

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